Yeah, this …

Isaac Chotiner at The New Yorker interviews the dude who seems to have started the “won’t someone think of the economy!” freakout amongst the current Presidential administration.

It does not go well.

At least, not for Epstein; it goes swimmingly for Chotiner, who does an amazing job of keeping a straight face while talking to someone who should be mumbling through a malt liquor but who is somehow instead polluting the web site of an inexplicably-respected think tank.

I doubt that I could do that job; standing aside to let folks wrong it up is not really my strong suite.

(That may be obvious.)

Very cracked, much pot.

Seriously, give it a read.

Epstein is at the same time ludicrously wrong about everything he says and completely certain that only he is correct.

It’s frankly draining to read; doing the actual interview must have been exhausting.

Kudos to Chotiner for taking that bullet for the rest of us.

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