Yeah; don’t throw me in the briar patch, either.

So, Trump thinks it’s not possible to be President without breaking the law?

He may very well be correct.

Bush took the country into a war under false pretenses, and Obama certainly broke the law forbidding assassinations.

Trump broke that one too, of course.

And they should damn well be prosecuted for these, and many other crimes as well. (Though I would also argue that none of these things were actually necessary, or even desirable, for those presidents.)

The solution should be more prosecutions, not less.

If you truly can’t be President without breaking the law, then that’s a problem with what these people think the job of the President is about. And to get them to change how they think about it will require some real oversight of how presidenting is done in this country.

We should be watching every President’s every official action and prosecuting them immediately when they cross that line, without waiting for them to leave office. I’ve mentioned a way to do that before.

But that’s not really the sort of thing he’s concerned about.

Trump has a unique and distinctive list of concerns here, much more even than Nixon did (and until Trump he was the go-to example of a corrupt President for as long as I can remember).

Really, he’s in a category all his own.

But they‘ve all done things they shouldn’t have.

So, no, the specter of former Presidents being prosecuted doesn’t really fill me with the same dread that it seems to have for Trump.

Let the good times roll.

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