How can it not be real? It just looks so exciting!

Let’s put aside for the moment whether the current crop of trainable software that’s causing all the furor is actually “Artificial Intelligence”, much less whether it even works reliably at all. (It isn’t, and it doesn’t.)

It makes no sense to regulate it.

All this new-generation software does is let businesses and governments do the same things they would otherwise, but more quickly (and more sloppily).

It doesn’t change what they’d be doing, and that’s where the problems are.

Even in “free” countries, business already has everyone under surveillance.

And even with humans controlling the bombs, governments already kill whoever they want whenever they want.

“AI” won’t really change that; it’ll just make it faster.

(And, since this “AI” doesn’t actually work, it’ll make it less reliable.)

But really, there’s not much difference between having your credit rating wrecked or your wedding bombed by a human or by an AI.

Either way, your day is ruined by bad data, reckless choices and lack of accountability.

And regulating “AI” won’t help with that at all.

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