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Thanksgiving is Ukraine to Christmas’ Russia: I wouldn’t normally be particularly interested in it, though it seems fine (if a bit problematic), but its annoying neighbor just won’t stay inside its own borders.

Christmas is the expansionist wannabe empire of holidays.

December 1st or, better yet, the first weekend in December; Christmas’ border is fuzzy, but it is definitely one of those two.

(Some otherwise reasonable people have been known to argue that its borders go all the way to the day after Thanksgiving; these people are collaborators and will be dealt with after the aggressor is beaten back.)

It’s over 3 weeks, almost a month, but having the biggest holiday area on the calendar is apparently not enough for Christmas; every year it tries to annex Thanksgiving entirely, and has established unwelcome colonies as far as the month before Halloween.

This is absolutely unacceptable.

No just calendrical order can allow this callous disregard for the right of all holidays to self-determination within their established boundaries.

Christmas must be dealt with, now and for all time.

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