That is not a sentence I ever expected to write.

It seems to be true though, and is being vouched for by one of the very few people who has survived both.

So you should probably read this:

Woman Who Had Her Face Eaten By A Bear Would Like Some Medicare For All, Please!

That’s … not good.

No; and it is a horrendous indictment of healthcare in the United States:

“Literally, as I was being eaten by a wild beast, I wasn’t thinking about Jesus or my family or my son. I was thinking my insurance was not going to pay for this,” she told The Independent. “I had to make this calculus as I was being eaten, ‘Do I want to survive this?’ Not, ‘Can I survive this?’ Not, ‘What am I going to look like?'”

She added: “I think that speaks volumes to the American healthcare system.”

That kinda says it all.

This system is broken; we need to fix this.

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