Some things never change.

I will vote for Democrats, but I won’t support them.

And I’ll never “unite behind” whoever wins their primary.

But this is a lesson the Democrats steadfastly refuse to learn: just because I’ll vote for you, that doesn’t mean I agree with you.

See, in this electoral system I (like many other voters) really don’t get a chance to vote for a candidate very often; usually, I’m voting against another candidate instead.

Just because I personally think that Trump is terrible doesn’t mean I want Biden to be President (or Sanders, even).

(In my opinion, Biden would just be a return to the weak-sauce accomodationism that’s the speciality of Party Democrats. And I think that Sanders is just flat-out ineffective, though I do believe that at least what’s left of his heart is in a better place than Biden’s.)

And the Democrats are well aware of this.

Their status as “the closest this country has to a leftist Party” has sustained them for decades without actually requiring them to pursue any real leftward polices.

But, oh the rhetoric; they’ve mastered that.

They’ve gotten expert at speaking from the left side of the mouth while ruling with the right hand.

Ahem; got a tad flowery there.

But the point is: at least 30% (and probably around 50%) of the Democratic primary electorate want some real systemic change, based on the polling and voting results for Sanders and Warren.

And circling the institutional wagons around Biden is not a good look for inspiring those voters in November.

I will personally be going out to vote against Trump in November regardless of who the Democrat is, but mostly because I’m old enough to be used to that. I am concerned that younger, more idealistic voters may not be willing to go along with it, though.

At some point, most people will give up if they never have a chance to vote for.

So, Democrats: do not be surprised if you lose this one.

You have not earned us voting for you.

No one owes you their votes and eventually being less-bad will cease to be enough.

(And this is why we need a system that supports more than two political parties.)

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