We’re gonna keep doing this, huh?

Once more, in list-format this time, for the young ‘uns out there …

  • no, they do not have the legitimate authority to order you to stay home
  • yes: they do have the power to compel you to stay home
  • no, that isn’t right; it is the way it is
  • but yes, you should stay home anyway

Once more for the hard-of-reading: you should stay home anyway.

You people like down-home traditional cliches?

Here’s on for ya’.

Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face.

‘Cause that’s what you’re doing by gathering in crowds during a pandemic.

You’re dramatically increasing your chances of getting infected, while claiming to have the personal responsibility to make your own decisions on how to deal with a pandemic.

Do you see the contradiction in that?


Now go home and we’ll deal with the autocrats later.

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