These people really bug me.

Apparently, we’re gonna deal with this again now.

What the hell; it’s been two weeks.

Two weeks ago, I posted Still Idiots: Not Totally Wrong.

It’s mostly about how, while I do agree with these crackpots that no reasonable reading of the Constitution allows the government to force uninfected people to stay in their homes, they are still stupid to not stay in their homes right now.

It’s pretty simple:

No, they don’t actually have the authority to order you to stay home.

I mean, they’re gonna order you to stay home anyway, and they do have the power to enforce it and yeah, the courts are almost certainly going to back the government because that’s kinda how the courts work in this country.

It sucks and it’s irritating.

But you should still stay home.

Not because they tell you to, but because it’s the right thing to do.

Staying home as much as possible, and avoiding shared breathing spaces and contact with other poeple when you do have to go out is how you fix this pandemic.

There isn’t anything else that works until we get a vaccine.

You’re right that they shouldn’t be able to make you and it hurts to not challenge them on it when we know you’re right, damnit.

But you should still stay home.

Find something to do that’ll keep you focused on how wrong the situation is and try to think of ways to address it that don’t involve making the situation worse.

Maybe start a blog or something?

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