What is it good for?

War is bad, mmmkay?

But sometimes, it’s necessary.

The thing is, we really, really, don’t agree on when.

Hell, at this point there’s an active component of the American public who think we shouldn’t have gone to war against the Nazis. The actual Nazis.

That’s hard to believe.

So, as a democracy, how should we deal with that?

With an election, of course.

And one where only the pro-war side bears the responsibility of implementing their policy.

The fair way to do this, obviously, would be like so:

OK, so someone proposes a war.

Every eligible voter votes “yes” or “no”.

If the vote passes some threshold (50% is traditional) then the “yes” voters get their war.

But …

That war will be fought by a military force assembled by drafting some percentage of only those people who voted “yes”.

You might want to add in something about the war’s budget being drawn from a tax imposed on all the non-drafted “yes” voters as well, since we’re tryng to be fair here. That’s fine too.

The important thing is that this would allow everyone to follow their own conscience.

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