You’ve got one week.

A message from Italy: take this one seriously.

Very seriously.

It’s not often that I talk about something here where the solution is:

  • extremely obvious
  • widely agreed on by experts
  • immediately doable by everyone

(Usually, it’s the second one where my solutions get tripped up …)

But this time, all the epidemiological experts agree: shut it all down.

Because if you don’t, people will die.

And we don’t have to actually shut everything down.

What we have to shut down is everything that brings people into close proximity or significant exposure to shared spaces.

Oh, and also anywhere that doesn’t do paid sick leave …

Yeah, that one’s important.

You don’t want to be buying your food from a store that expects its employees to work while they’re sick.


So stay home.

Only go out when you need something.

Arrange your work to be as solitary as possible.

And call your Congressional representatives.

‘Cause acting as a safety net in this kind of situation is one of the reasons we have a State in the first place, but it looks like a bunch of them need reminding of that.

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